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Fire extinguish starter

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Autonomous Thermal Explosion-Proof Fire EXTINGUISH Starter (PA-5)

It is intended for autonomous protection of objects like:

  • Car parks and garages
  • Wagons for construction workers
  • Living and non-living spaces
  • Retail outlets
  • Underground and railway carriages
  • Heating and diesel installations
  • Warehouses and armories
  • Fuels and oils storage tanks
  • Mines and pits
  • Stand alone autonomous objects and premises
  • Gas-petroleum production
  • Others

No electricity supply is required for the starter; many-fold check of it's performance can be done with the help of 12V bulb; electric impulse produced by PA-5 can start up to 15 modules like "Mangust", "Vulcan", "Buran", "Opan", "Agat", "Veer" and their analoques.

No false triggering (your computers and other valuable things are unlikely to be smothered with powder when electricity supply drops).

Fire alarm signal is sent by the built-in radio channel to the security center.

The starter provides increased fire safety of spaces with valuable things and remote hard-accessible objects with limited number of personnel: electrical installations, transmitting aerial feeders, mobile communication aerial masts.

PA-5 automatically includes explosion-proof fire extinguishing means such as "Vulcan", "Buran", "Opan", "Agat", "Veer" and their analoques.

No power supply and normally closed sparkling contacts are included. Triggering check can be done without dismantling and with the help of portable width=100% common technical measuring and indication means (incandescent lamp) in place of the starter installation, in the starter stub circuit. The number of triggerings is not limited.

There is an option of manual triggering upon the decision of maintenance staff for protection system tuning and maintenance.

The inflammation spot can be detected when the starter is connected to "address signaling device P-255" up to 255 address letter-digital combinations.

Explosion-proof: 1ExdIICT6X GOST P 51330-99

Ambient temperature: from -60 (C)

Time lag not more than 50 sec

Autonomous fire suppression module.
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